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  • Sports Facilities

    Sports Facilities

  • Hotels

    T2app executes turnkey projects for hotels, hostels, guesthouses and apartments to improve security and guarantee access clients property facilities .
    Control staff access to hotel facilities
    From placing an interphone door service that is usual or a proximity reader or fingerprint. In these places there are hot spots where you need to place access control equipment (either on line or off line ) as the commissary , warehouses, service lift access . It is important to have these labels immediate access to the status of the facility. If we have CCTV cameras we can also synchronize access to the capture of an image to provide all information, written and graphic .
    Control access to the rooms and customer service areas
    Automation client access to the room by opening locks with magnetic stripe or proximity autonomous OffLine or OnLine .
    Another important element in the rooms are energy savers that allow while the client is in the room has all necessary power elements , air conditioning, electricity, fridge, TV , plugs and when to take your card up saver only minimum services outlet, refrigerator stay up ...
    Control of employee presence and management of schedules and personal calendars l
    Control of working hours of staff is essential to good management of resources. If all this to know exactly working hours of each employee we add theoretical management schedules and timetables by the heads of each department , we will have an ideal to work in an orderly , effective tool that management to have a planing of the entire workforce in real time. Teams enable fingerprint security that marking is done that employee and no other, ideal for presence control method.
    Our team of presence control T2- T600 Fingerprint + RFID proximity is ideal for hotels with up to 50 employees team of 50 employees from the T2app
    Control vehicle access to parking Hotel
    The parking garage or in a hotel can be private , public use shared with other subscribers or public pitches and hotel. From manufacturing and installation of sliding doors, hinged doors, with flights and maintenance. The automation of doors and heavy duty barriers installed to prevent the passage of several vehicles
    Active advertising systems on site
    In type kiosk or elevator equipment to get some extra revenue management hotel.
    T2- Control CCTV cameras and recording private images
    Recording images in an owners increasingly useful to keep the building in good condition and to protect from theft becomes increasingly more abundant
    By configuring the equipment we can offer view cameras from your mobile to be quieter neighbors.
    Equipment in- interrupted power UPS , cabinets RACs for CPDs cabling installation , ...

  • Control access hospitals

    Control access hospitals

  • Access Control of public facilities

    Access Control of public facilities, businesses, government buildings

  • Gas stations

    Control access gas stations and service stations

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    Access control Clubs - Pubs

  • Aparcamiento-Parking

    Parking Control - Parking rotation - paid parking - residents'