T2-Cp1-2 concentrator controller access control RS232 2 readers Maximize

T2-Cp1-2 concentrator controller access control RS232 2 readers

T2-Cp1-2 concentrator controller access control RS232 2 readers

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T2-Cp1-2 concentrator controller access control RS232 2 readers <p><strong><span class="hps atn">T2-</span>Cp1-2 <span class="hps">concentrator</span> <span class="hps">controller</span> <span class="hps">access control</span> <span class="hps">RS232</span> <span class="hps">2</span> <span class="hps">readers</span></strong><br /><span class="hps">-</span> <span class="hps">RS232</span> <span class="hps">to connect</span> <span class="hps">readers</span> <span class="hps">to</span> <span class="hps">open a</span> <span class="hps">door from the inside</span> <span class="hps">and outside</span>, <span class="hps">a tourniquet</span>, <span class="hps">parking</span> <span class="hps">barrier</span>, <span class="hps">a pinwheel</span><br /><span class="hps">-</span> <span class="hps">Series</span> <span class="hps">2 ports for</span> <span class="hps">up to 2</span> <span class="hps">readers</span> <span class="hps">RS485</span> <span class="hps">or RS232</span><br /><span class="hps">-</span> <span class="hps">Functioning</span> <span class="hps">On line</span> <span class="hps">and / or</span> <span class="hps">Off</span> <span class="hps">Line</span><br /><span class="hps">-</span> <span class="hps">2 Internal</span> <span class="hps">Relays</span><br /><span class="hps">- Connection</span> <span class="hps">ext</span> <span class="hps">relays</span>, 4 <span class="hps">input</span>.<br /><span class="hps">-</span> <span class="hps">Network connection</span> <span class="hps">TCPIP</span><br /><span class="hps">OPTIONAL</span><br /><span class="hps">- Keyboard and</span> <span class="hps atn">display (</span>optional)<br /><span class="hps">-</span> <span class="hps">Power supply</span> <span class="hps">+</span> <span class="hps atn">box (</span>optional).</p>
250,00 €

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T2-Cp1-2 concentrator controller access control RS232 2 readers
- RS232 to connect readers to open a door from the inside and outside, a tourniquet, parking barrier, a pinwheel
- Series 2 ports for up to 2 readers RS485 or RS232
- Functioning On line and / or Off Line
- 2 Internal Relays
- Connection ext relays, 4 input.
- Network connection TCPIP
- Keyboard and display (optional)
- Power supply + box (optional).